Since 2003
Course Name : Project (Major\Minor) Course Fee : Rs. 999 -14999/- Course Duration : 20 - 60 hours

Why to learn PROJECT (MAJOR\MINOR) ?
Advance project support is designed exclusively for Engineering, MCA, and BSc students for their semester requirement and also for the employees of R & D Institutions, companies or Industry requiring skill up-gradations and furnish their project requirements. Proper Training and guidance makes any candidate more attractive to all potential recruiters who seek to improve their skills and the opportunities associated with those new skills. The lack of a training strategy to a potential candidate suggests that the candidate will fail to meet his or her own aspirations, leading to a bad start in carrier. A training strategy involves the systematic training and improvement of people so that they, can achieve their objectives both personal and professional .

Why to learn PROJECT (MAJOR\MINOR) at Lakshya?