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International Conference on Meta Computing )

ICoMeC10 is the First International Conference on Meta Computing. - The objective of this conference is to bring together Researchers, Engineers and Scientists in Research, Academia, Industry and Government segments from across the globe thus providing a great opportunity for networking amongst experts , enabling them to efficiently implement their ideas with the aid of HPC tools & technologies to work in multi disciplinary areas of science and engineering and to incorporate the latest computing technologies. Science and Engineering is a field that continually reinvents itself and likewise, the application of IT continues to transform the world around us. Sustaining these developments requires renewed attention to application of innovative techniques and a drastic shift to applied practical areas relevant to the present day scenario as well as to cater to future needs. While it is valuable to ensure that some research efforts produce applications of results, it is essential that long term focus is not lost. Researchers also need to have access to cutting edge technology that enables them to explore new approaches and applications. Scientists whose research has focused on HPC based science will be benefited by the exposure to existing and emerging HPC technologies. Advances in computing technologies showcased at the ICoMeC10 will help driving our ability to solve unsolvable problems in multidisciplinary domains of science and technology.