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About Prajnana Mission

Prajnana Mission was founded by our beloved Gurudev Paramapujya Paramahamsa Hariharanandaji Maharaj under loving and dynamic leadership of our beloved Guruji Paramapujya Paramahamsa Prajnananandaji Maharaj.

In the words of our beloved Gurudev: “My whole life has been dedicated to serving people. As Hariharananda, I give medicines and services to the sick, food to the hungry, education to children, courage to the depressed and spiritual guidance to those who ask. Each human being is the living presence of God. Service to mankind is service to God. To dedicate one’s life for the benefit of others is real service. Please serve people with love and devotion. This is real service to God and Gurus.” To fulfil these words of our beloved Gurudev is the real objective of the Mission.

The Mission was formally registered on 12-02-1999 under the Registration of Societies Act 1860 and the Jagatpur Ashram founded by our beloved Guruji became the headquarters of Prajnana Mission. Since then the Mission has been striving to fulfil the wishes of our beloved Gurudev. The Mission is engaged in four major activities for the welfare of mankind in general.

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