About Data Structure Training

Data Structures is a concept and a means of storing a collection of data. By learning Computer Science, one can study the methods for effectively using a computer to solve problems and these problems can be solved by algorithms and data structures. Different kinds of data structures are changed to different kinds of applications, and some are very functional to specific tasks. Data Structure tells you how the data is stored in computer memory and how to access the data professionally. So many Applications are prepared by data structures, such as page visited history in a web-browser, chain of method calls in the Java virtual machine or C++ Run-time environment, etc Queue Application Like Waiting Lines, Multi-programming, etc. The database designing and internal implementation are mainly done by using Data Structures techniques. 


Data Structure Training Course Objective

Lakshya Training presents the Best Data Structure and Algorithm Training in Bhubaneswar. The main objective of this Course for the student is to understand the Analysis and Designing of the Algorithms and how the different data structures are used for effective accessing of the data and manipulation of the data. At the end of the session, you can know different Kinds of data structures. 


Why take data structures training at Lakshya?

Lakshya training provides the best data structures and algorithms training in Bhubaneswar.

We help working professionals & freshers with interview preparation training for e-commerce companies and top product-based MNCs, like Amazon, Microsoft, Cisco, Nvidia, Netapp, and many more. Our advanced training program gives a deep understanding of data structures and algorithms from the ground up.

The course content of Lakshya is designed by experts to match with the real-world requirements for both beginner and advanced levels. We have prepared our training modules with problems that are discussed in the class with lots of assignments for practice.

By joining Data Structure Training at Lakshya, you will discover how to examine and perform general algorithms used. After completion of the Data Structure training class at Lakshya, you will be completely proficient in analyzing and performing algorithms, as well as be capable to select the best algorithm for several positions.



 Why learn Data Structure?

Data is the fuel of the 21st century

According to Simon Quinton, “If Analytics is the Engine, then Data is the Fuel of the 21st century.” Without data, businesses would fail to uncover valuable insights which can help restructure their business. Without customer data, one cannot improve customer satisfaction or make personalized recommendation lists.

Python is an example of a programming language having appropriate and adaptable data structures. It is so convenient that many people like to use Python’s list as default data storage for all their requirements. It can create significant performance bottlenecks in certain situations.

By studying data structures, you will get to know about their strength and weaknesses and will be able to learn the applicability of data structures for different tasks.

Additionally, it will let you speed up certain applications by an order of magnitude. It is particularly applicable to data scientists who deal with simulations and optimization problems.


You will learn about useful data structures, such as:

  • Heaps — for use cases when you need calculation on objects having minimum (or maximum) values. Interesting applications of heaps are event-driven simulations and online (streaming) computation of median.
  • Binary search trees — Swiss-army knife data structure, highly efficient for a variety of operations, such as insertion, selection, and search.
  • Hash tables — will allow understanding how sets and dictionaries are implemented behind the scenes, and why they are preferable for look-up applications. You will learn about hash functions, collisions, and security risks that arise from improper implementation.
  • One of the more exciting data structures is the bloom filter. It is a probabilistic data structure suitable for effective storage and look-up. For example, bloom filters are used in web browsers for caching recently visited page addresses and in internet routers.


What will you Learn:

When you enroll in Lakshya classroom data structures training program, you will surely be able to perform better at your programming jobs. Learning of Data Structure will not only help you get to better positions but also you can manage your work or take up interviews with confidence.


Who Should Attend:

  • Working professionals preparing for interviews of tier-one company
  • Job seekers who are preparing for the interview in Product MNC/e-commerce companies
  • B.Tech / MCA Students looking for data structure training
  • Anyone interested to learn data structures to improve programming/coding skills
  • Fresher looking for data structure jobs
  • Working professionals who want to polish their skills
  • Anyone who has a deep desire to learn data structures and algorithms



Should have basic knowledge of C, C++, Java, C#, Python Programming.



  1. Introduction Array
  2. Pointer
  3. Function
  4. Structure
  5. Pointer, Structure with Function
  6. Stack
  7. Applications of Stack
  8. Linear Queue & its Operations
  9. Circular Queue & its Operation
  10. Linked List (Single,Double , Circular,
  11. Header)
  12. Tree
  13. Graph
  14. Hashing & Searching
  15. Sorting


Data Structure Course Fee and Duration

Data Structure Course Fees at Lakshya are moderate and can be paid in installments. If you have any queries regarding the time, place, and duration of the course, please contact our technical counselors.

Duration – 60 Hrs

Course Fee – ₹5000

Training Mode –Live Classroom/ Online

This is an approximate course fee and duration for Data Structure Training. For more information contact our team.

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