COVID-19 is a horror story that has spread across the world. The direct effect that it has had is that millions of people losing their lives, many struggling to breathe and live another day, trying their best to keep up their hopes during these tough times. Not only these but there are a lot of indirect effects like the crashing economy, shortage of medical help, negative impact on every sector of the country.


COVID-19 and education 

The covid-19 uprooted the very idea of physical education. Schools, colleges were shut and students were asked to attend online classes. The virtual method of teaching has restricted the contact between the teachers and students resulting in less understanding and absorption of the subject as concentrating in online classes is difficult. Students tend to get distracted and not follow what is being taught in class that ultimately lead to compromise on the main goal of studying. Online exams too aren’t very credible as it is a very obvious fact that the students will cheat to get marks because the Indian education system has always focused on getting marks than understanding the subject and applying it in real life, so as long as they are getting marks which is definitely easier online, no one will care what are they actually learning.


Impact on students  

There is absolutely no certainty for the students. Students, the youth of this nation who had dreams and aspirations and were working very hard to fulfil all of them, suddenly lost everything. 

At the age where they are supposed to experiment and try out everything, they are locked up in homes with no idea where their life is headed and what they are going to do in their careers. Their productivity went downhill and the students became lonelier. 


The golden chance

But, on the sunny side, every problem comes with a hidden opportunity. Maybe this is a wonderful chance for people who wanted to learn an extra thing that they weren’t able to learn because of their tight schedule at school/college. 

This is a perfect time for the students to take up an extra online course that would help them learn a new skill or give in more time to that one forgotten hobby. 

The lockdown gave everyone a lot of free time, so much that people were fed up with being free and almost everyone started learning something new during this period. Initially, their resource was limited to YouTube. 


Why coding?

Learning to code can be a great decision as it offers numerous benefits. 

  1. The idea to the app

    – the best ideas pop in the head right when you are least expecting it. And once you start thinking about the feasibility of the idea you can create an app if you have the knowledge of coding. So, a tiny idea has turned into an app that gives you a good profit. 

  2. Keeps your mind active

    – coding is a field that keeps evolving every minute, and coders have adapted to that environment which keeps their mind active all the time and this is a great help for quick decision making and in times of crisis. 

  3. No limitations-

    learning to code opens up unending opportunities, it can be a professional job with a great salary and job security, it can also be a fun hobby that keeps you entertained or it can be a good option for someone who wants to start something new. 

These are just a few, there are a lot more that can pull you towards learning to code. 

Where can you learn to code? 

Lakshya online platform offers this opportunity for everyone and especially for Engineering Students, BSc, BCA, MSc., MCA students. Students work very hard to get to the colleges of their choice and once they are there, they face a lot of problems in understanding the subject thoroughly and often struggle to cope up with the heavy study materials.

Also, this is a wonderful start for the people who are not from this field but do hold a keen interest in learning about it. It is like starting an entirely new course without compromising on the existing one. And why just freshers, people who are well settled with good jobs but want to experience something new can also make a start with Lakshya Training online platform.  Some of the courses that Lakshya training online platform provide are C and advanced C, data structure, core java, python, full-stack UI development, PHP, machine learning, advanced java, android, IOT, VLSI, Matlab, C++. 

And these courses provided by the Lakshya Training Online Platform have some good benefits and scope. Learning to code offers great career flexibility, it gives many the opportunity to restart their career right from the scratch. There are a whole lot of other benefits that are associated with coding like creativity, problem-solving, teamwork. With the world shifting online, there is a chance for all of them to learn a thing while sitting in the comfort of their home. Another benefit that online teaching has is that you can tweak your schedule and squeeze in an extra course to adjust it according to the time you want without clashing with your other schedules. 


Why Lakshya Training Online Platform? 

Lakshya training online platform has the vision to envisage to realize the motto of being “The Missing Link” between students and their success through their training programs and the mission of providing training that empowers students to compete, win & survive in the IT industry of today by preparing to take on the challenges of change that they will face tomorrow.

They are committed to impart efficient knowledge on computer courses which opens up a lot of new and promising opportunities for the students. 

Lakshya Training Online Platform is the right place if you are looking to restart your career in the field of computer courses or learn a fresh skill that could help you develop apps, games etc. during the time of this global pandemic, it is easy to sit and complain about the situation but it is intelligent to convert this into an opportunity and be productive.   

The crisis that has caused us to press a pause button in our lives could be resumed with the help of the Lakshya Training Online Platform. 


Grab the opportunity

Let us look at the positive side and make the best out of this problem, take this as a chance and learn something that would help us to become more creative and also helps us in our careers, add on another skill and bring out the best version of ourselves. 


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