Who doesn’t like taking a break from work and having a game battle with your friends?

But has anyone put a thought about how much hard work goes into creating that game so that people like us can have a good time. The industry of gaming is one of the best selling industry right now as it is backed up by technology and our creativity to the brim. 

Game development is an entire process that starts from an idea or concept in the maker’s head. The game designers start with writing an initial document with the game proposal. This proposal describes the concept of the game, gameplay, feature list, setting, theory, target audience, the requirements and schedule, and the final staff and estimated budget. 


The three stages of game development are pre-production, production and post-production. In the pre-production stage, the plans are laid out with clarity, roles are defined and financial aspects are taken care of. The production stage is the longest and most important stage. It takes almost 1 to 4 years and this is where the game starts to take shape. Once the production is complete and the game is out, some members of the team continue working on maintenance stuff, while others move on to the sequel of the next project. 


Best languages to use for game development 



This is a powerful and general-purpose programming language that is used to develop games, browsers, operating systems, etc. When this language is used efficiently it can have a super-fast running time, which is very important in gaming. Object-oriented programming was added to C by C++ to expand its capabilities. This language is extremely difficult to learn. C++ is very extensively used to make games on Play station and Xbox and is one of the most common languages used for gaming. This allows better control over the hardware memory management and graphics making it perfect for creating games. 



This is another powerful language that is used with a wide range of applications. Its XNA framework from Microsoft makes it perfect for creating games for Windows or Xbox. it is also very integral to game engines like Unity 3D and Xamarin and is used to make games on virtual platforms like iOS, Android, PlayStation and windows related software.  

C# is one language that allows every gamer to enjoy their creation irrespective of what hardware they use. 



This programming language is found almost everywhere and it is possible to conveniently use them across platforms. It has many similarities with C++ and uses the methodology of object-oriented programming.  The feature of java virtual machine turning into java code makes it versatile and popular with the makers of games. 

Java is used to create android games due to the availability of open-source modules. 


Java Script 

In game development, this is one of the most popular languages to create games. It is best for creating online games and works well with HTML and CSS. it can be used for both the back end and front end of web development and has an enormous number of frameworks along with a huge helpful online community.  



The most popular version is HTML5 and it has come a long way from humble HTML. it works alongside JavaScript to build a lot of online games. It appears to be a simple and limiting language but has a significant part of online games. 

Though the language is easy to learn it is difficult to master. It can also be used with JavaScript in conjunction with the player interface and graphics by WebGL. The low entry barrier and extensive online presence make it an attractive option for new developers.  



This is another powerful programming language that is used for game development. It has been an adaptable language and is used in a lot of applications. Pygame framework helps the developers to prototype their games quickly and easily. This language is also easy to learn and also has an online community to support. 



This language is for people who are more adaptable to apple apps. It is a multipurpose app that is easy, quick and safe. Swift is a better option while making apps for Mac and iOS devices than going across all cross-platform languages 


Game development is all about exploring along with the languages and using your creativity to the maximum extent. It is also important to stay focused on your job and try playing as many games as you can to understand the gaming world better.  

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