What is IoT?

The world keeps constantly evolving and changing itself for the better. A major role in this growth is played by the technology and internet. Another such technological marvel is IoT, which means the Internet of things. IoT is a network of physical things connected over the internet that can collect and transfer data over a wireless network. It is an entire system that is embedded with a lot of technologies like sensors, software that serve the purpose of exchanging data over the internet. It is a concept that doesn’t restrict the power of the internet to just computers but rather spreads over a large range of other things. This provides better insight and control over several things that were not possible earlier.  


History of IoT

The term Internet of Things was coined in the year 1999 by Kevin Ashton who was giving a presentation for proctor and gamble. To draw the audience’s attention, he used the term internet in his title since the popularity of the internet had just come into society. During this presentation, he had explained the working of IoT with the help of RFID tags that would connect several devices for the supply chain management. This played an essential role that marked the start of IoT. 

The 2000s saw a steady increase in the interest of the people in IoT, and slowly the use of IoT was accepted worldwide and used in several devices.  

There was a boom in IoT technology in and around the 2010s as it received support from its addition to the Gartner Hype Cycle that was meant for the emerging technologies. 


Home automation 

Imagine yourself walking into your home after a tiring day at work and the AC turning on itself and your bathtub getting filled up on its own. You feel much better and are relaxed because you don’t have to do everything manually. Well, that’s the magic of Home Automation. It basically means that your home is automated over the internet and it suits you personally, everything in your home is just the way you want it to be, without putting in much effort from your side.

Wondering how is this possible, well it is by the Internet of Things or IoT. 

This is a step taken towards popularising the IoT, which has an assigned IP address and has remote access to monitor it. 

Smart devices are the first choice to implement the wonders of IoT, and they have to be connected to a local network or the WIFI. 

A few examples of home automation devices in today’s world are


Backed up by the Alexa, Amazon Echo Dot works as a personal voice assistant and stores up information in the cloud which helps it get more adaptable with the user over time by recognising patterns in speech and voice. 



Google home works on similar lines too, google assistant works receives your voice commands and works accordingly. It also makes it possible to control things away from home like making reservations at your favourite restaurant or booking a cab.


 They are amazing devices to control your smart home. It can be used to do numerous activities on their own which takes a lot of burden of responsibilities from your shoulders. 

IoT and Home Automation 

The old-age method of doing your manual tasks are now slowly getting into the books of history as IoT has made possible the modern way of living by introducing technology to our daily lives. The appliances are controlled and homes are automated with the use of the internet. The WIFI modems are used to obtain user commands over the internet. This modem also has an interface with this modem. The system data and status are displayed on the LCD display. Being able to control the home automation devices through your smartphones and other remotely controlled devices is the best part of it as it fulfils the main purpose of reducing human effort. 

The gap between human limitations and technological capabilities have been aimed to bridged with the help of IoT technology. This helps the data to be collected and transferred across devices easily and analyzed at the same time. Changes in motion, temperature, light etc are monitored by the IoT devices that are sensor-enabled and helps the user gain information about the surrounding of the device. 

Home automation works at three levels 

  • Monitor 

 This helps to check in on their devices anytime the users want with remote access such as their smartphones. For example, the user can monitor their home with the help of CCTV cameras which is connected to their smartphones

  • Control 

This helps to gain control over their devices and command it as per desired requirements. For example, you can switch on the AC minutes before you enter the home so that it’s chilled as per your requirement when you step in. 

  • Automation 

This occurs when a device is connected to another and triggers off connected devices. For example, if you are out and there is a fire at home, the fire alarm would trigger off the extinguisher to work and douse the fire and send you an emergency notification as well. 


Methods like mobile applications, remote controls, voice assistants help in making all of this possible and our lives easier. 


Making lives easier

The installation of a home automation system might be a tad bit expensive but it is certainly worth it as it has a lot of advantages like accessing everything remotely, you don’t have to do everything physically and you would have good control over everything on your fingertips. It also adds to your comfort as you don’t have to do everything on your own. It also conserves energy by switching off lights when you leave the room so that there is no chance of you forgetting to switch off and wasting electricity. It also compliments convenience, you could set the things according to your schedule and it would make things so much better for you. Imagine waking up to the fresh smell of coffee from your coffee machine without having to do it yourself. The biggest advantage of this technology is the security it offers. It enables you to keep an eye on your home all the time even if you are away.

This concept of IoT and Home Automation sure is a wonder in the field of technological advancement and aims at making lives a lot easier for humans. 



Change is the only constant in our lives, and we should understand and accept it in a very judicious manner so that the whole of humankind would benefit from the technological marvels that are coming into existence. However, the point to be highlighted here is that we shouldn’t be entirely dependent on technology. These changes are wonderful but we should control them and not let technology control our lives and us. 

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