This is a programming language that can be used across platforms for some object oriented scripting language that  helps the user to implement the complex features on web pages. All the updates, static information, interactive features graphics and animations are a result of the involvement of the Javascript. it is a scripting language that helps to you to dynamically update the content, animate the images and control the multimedia. It makes the web page more interesting and user friendly by making it more interactive. 

In Java script the user doesn’t have to declare all the variables, classes and methods and is a very free form language. There doesn’t have to be any concern whether the methods are public or private or protected. The variables do not have to be exclusively typed. 


Advantages of Java script 

The Java script is very fast because it can run immediately and quite efficiently within the client-side browser. The network calls of a backend server generally don’t affect the Java script, unless and until there is some requirement of the outside resources. 

Java script is one of the most basic languages among all the programming languages. It is simple and very easy to understand. People who want to start a career or are generally interested in computer programming, this is the best thing to start with. 

Java script is pretty popular with the community of computer programmers as it is used almost by everyone on the internet. 

Java script is very adaptable as it blends along well with all languages and has a huge variety of applications 

It also gives immediate feedback to the client so they don’t have to wait for the page to be reloaded to check if they have forgotten something.  

The demand of the website server reduces on the client side and gives them the ability to create rich interfaces. 

It validates the input of the user before the page is sent off to the server thus saving server traffic and releasing some load off your server. 

 It is used in game development for creating user interfaces, it is also used to create graphical interfaces for the official uses. 

It is a very user friendly language that helps people to learn quickly and work around it. 


Future scope of Java script: 

With almost everything going digital and online, the demand of people who have a professional hold in the better known programming languages like the Java Script. The knowledge of Java scripts also opens up a lot of opportunities professionally. It is the best career if someone wants to start a new career or switch career.

Interactive online forms, shopping carts, word processing, spreadsheet and the other web based software applications. The cross platform desktop applications are written on the platforms such as Adobe AIR and Electron, which are written using the Java Script. 

Javascript developer 

The responsibility of a Java Script developer is to link the developed element with the backend services. They develop and enhance the main front end platform website, the new user facing features. They also perform analysis on the codes, requirements, identifying the code metrics, system risk and the software reliability. 

UX designer 

This handles the job to research and study of usage of site by the people. They have the most responsible and important job as they suggest changes after various testing for the better use through the system. This earns them a very lucrative earning as they have and impart the knowledge of both experience designing and Java Script facilities. 

The language of Java script is very versatile and once someone has mastered it there are endless possibilities that would open up many ways for you as a professional. To become a frontend developer Java Script is a compulsion. An individual mastering this programming language opens up chances to work in games development, stack development, information security, security software engineering, machine learning, artificial intelligence etc. 

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