MATLAB or (Matrix Laboratory) is a high-performance fourth-generation programming language that is used for technical computing. It offers a multi paradigm numerical computing environment and was developed by Math Works. MATLAB is used for integrating computation, visualization and programming and as a result, the programming environment becomes easy to use. This Training is used for several important purposes. Here are some of them:

  • Used for developing the algorithm.
  • Used for symbolic computation.
  • Provides application of scientific and engineering graphics.
  • Helps in analyzing of data, visualization, and exploration.
  • Can be used for designing Graphical User Interface.
  • Used for Technical computation.

Besides these, the most important feature of MATLAB Training is that one can calculate matrix and vector formulations in a fraction of time.



MATLAB was the brainchild of the genius of Mr Cleve Moler. He developed MATLAB at the University of New Mexico in 1970 to revolutionize technical computing. It was shaped to provide students easy access to software developed by LINPACK and EISPACK without learning the concepts of FORTRAN.

Jack Little saw commercial potential in MATLAB when he heard about it during the lecture by Cleve Moler at Stanford University. With the permission of Moler, Jack little began:

  • Rewriting MATLAB.
  • Added M files.
  • Added many new features in the libraries.
  • Founded the Math Work to market and commercialize it.

Researchers and practitioners of control engineering used MATLAB for the first time. Over the years it has seen various important developments due to inputs from users. At the university level, it is being used as a standard instructional tool for introductory and advanced courses particularly in engineering science and technology.

Join MATLAB Course in Lakshya

In MATLAB course students will learn computer programming with little to no previous experience. MATLAB is easy to learn, versatile, and very useful for engineers and other professionals. It is an outstanding choice for writing moderate-size programs that solve problems involving the manipulation of numbers. The design of this language helps to write a powerful program in a few lines. When the problems are relatively complex, the MATLAB programs solve them into relatively simple: and it is to the equivalent program written in a general-purpose language, such as C++ or Java. Thus, MATLAB is being used in so many domains from the natural sciences, through all disciplines of engineering, to finance, and elsewhere, and it is more used in industry. So, for a solid background, MATLAB is an essential skill in today’s job market.


Why join MATLAB Training?

Students who complete this course will become conversant with general concepts in computer science, achieve an understanding of the general concepts of programming, and obtain a solid foundation in the use of MATLAB. 


MATLAB Training at Lakshya Training:

MATLAB Training at Lakshya Institute is one of the best MATLAB Training Institutes in Bhubaneswar. We are focusing Placement based hands-on training for MATLAB Course. Our MATLAB course Trainers are taking the classes from basic level to Advanced Level. So, our Students can get the job easily in MNC companies after completing this course. Our MATLAB training syllabus is designed to fulfill the needs of the students. So, you can get up-to-date technical knowledge in MATLAB field. Our experienced trainers are working hard to advance their student knowledge and helps them to face the interviews confidently.

Students will get well infrastructure with fully equipped lab facilities at Lakshya Training. We pay more attention to the needs of our students. Our MATLAB Course fees is based on student’s requirement and value for money. 


Who should take this MATLAB training course?

This training is suitable for fresher, graduates as well as postgraduates. If you are a professional who wants to polish your skill, then you can join this training.


Industry demands and career scope in MATLAB

The applications of MATLAB are vast. MATLAB, the powerful linear algebra tool has a very good collection of toolboxes. So, it gets applications in research and teaching on domains of robotics and automation.

A lot of companies ranging from engineering, banking, finance, scientific and education need the applications of MATLAB and therefore, they search for students who have MATLAB Training to increase their productivity.

Today, companies are offering full-time job opportunities, higher pay incentives, attractive bonuses to attract MATLAB professionals. Students who opt for MATLAB Training are getting more pay packages as compared to the IT professionals, and this is because MATLAB helps to solve a technical problem in much less time as compared to other languages such as C/C++/Java.


Steps to learn in MATLAB

  • As MATLAB Training deals with calculations and technical computing, students with the outstanding mathematical backgrounds will easily grab the concepts of the software.
  • To grab the concepts of any language, students should have good analytical skills. So that, they can do programming efficiently.
  • There are a lot of toolboxes in MATLAB Training, for example, image processing, signal processing, etc in which student can choose their profile. But, background knowledge of the domain is necessary as it will help students to become experts in their field.


Why MATLAB from Lakshya Training?

  • Training program as per International Code & Standard
  • Affiliated certificate
  • Guided by the industry’s renowned professionals with unprecedented knowledge of the Industry.
  • Highly interactive program with practical and relevant case studies.
  • Training by extensively researched self-developed cutting-edge techniques.
  • Skill development techniques with a comprehensive set of documentation, practical skills, and tools used in the Industry.
  • Fully equipped lab facilities with the latest technology
  • Interactive, interesting, and motivational training sessions.
  • Access to enormous reference books and research materials.
  • Live Project & onsite exposure (Industrial Visit)

MATLAB training course syllabus:

  1. MATLAB Basics
  2.  Research Activities using MATLAB
  3.  Error Solving Techniques
  4.  Coding techniques for fast execution
  5.  Interfacing with different software languages
  6.  2D and 3D plotting
  7.  Graphical User Interface design
  8.  File export and import with MATLAB workspace
  9.  Use of power system, control system 
  10. communication system tool box
  11.  Use of signal processing & soft computing toolbox
  12.  Use of MATLAB tools for fast computation
  13.  Creating MATLAB libraries
  14.  Simulation model design using MATLAB Simulink
  15.  Interactive session for VLSI domain students


MATLAB Course Fee and Duration:

MATLAB Course Fees at Lakshya are moderate and can be paid in instalments. If you have any query regarding the time, place and duration of the course, please contact our technical counsellors.

Duration- 50 Hours

Course Fee- ₹5000

Training Mode –Live Classroom/ Online

This is an approximate course fee and duration for Mobile App Development Training. For more information contact our team.

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