Today, so many companies are involved in mobile app development. For this, they require highly skilled mobile app developers and effective training can make a student a skilled professional. 

At Lakshya, we give stress on the quality training by realizing the app market and the requirements for making a successful app. Therefore, we provide you the best training courses and practical experience that can help you in transforming into a professional app developer. Our courses are designed in such a way that they will correspond to your needs if you are a fresher, a seasoned professional, a webmaster, or an entrepreneur.

You should learn mobile applications from experts from the IT industry. We at Lakshya Institute give you the best mobile app development training in Bhubaneswar from expert trainers. 


Overview of Mobile App Development Training at Lakshya

The technique of developing software applications for the handheld devices such as mobiles, tablets, or personal digital assistants is called mobile app development. Nowadays everyone depends on different mobile applications for travel to hotels. For example, shopping mobile applications for the users to shop at their convenience, travel booking applications to book and track the cab. Thus, mobile applications make our lives easy as we can use these mobile applications at any time from any location.

Mobile Application Development needs writing software codes for small, wireless computing devices such as smartphones or tablets. Developers verify that the apps give the finest performance on a specific device by writing native code for that device.

The Mobile Application Development Training at Lakshya will help you in learning the fundamentals of App Development and will also provide you practical exposure in the domain of Android and iOS App Development.



For Android app development, you should have sound knowledge of Java is necessary. You will also need to know the basics of SQL to update the databases within Android apps. Additionally, the fundamentals of the XML syntax will also be beneficial to make you a competent Android developer. For iOS, fundamental knowledge of C++, Java, and C# net is needed.


Who can attend?

At Lakshya, this course is ideal for individuals who have the interest to make a career in mobile app development. The following aspirants can also take up this course:

  • Freshers who wish to start a career in IT, particularly in app development
  • Web developers who have the interest to shift into mobile app development
  • Aspirants who want to master the skill and become professionally knowledgeable


The objective of Android App Development Training at Lakshya

The mobile application development training at Lakshya mainly focuses on improving the programming skills that help a person for a better career. We also give enough stress to enhancing the knowledge of several platforms for application development. Thus, by taking this career-oriented training, you can develop applications for several opportunities.

Mobile App Development Training at Lakshya makes you an efficient candidate in the eyes of potential employers and assists you in increasing your earning potential.


Future Scope of Mobile App Development

It is not an inflated statement to tell that the future of mobile app development would be promising in the coming years. Mobile App Development is a continually changing industry and it comes up with a lot of new trends yearly. The number of apps in Android and iOS are increasing quickly. The users always want some great features and a handy operating system. Accordingly, to fulfil the expectations of the users, the developers pay more focus in developing better mobile applications.

Here, we commit you to the Best Mobile App Training in Bhubaneswar. Call Lakshya for a free demo session and start your journey as a mobile app developer.


How will Mobile Application Development Training at Lakshya shape you?

Passionate about mobile apps and want to know how to develop them? Take up an efficient training program in mobile application development at Lakshya. 

The mobile app development training will help you in getting a job in an IT company. According to the present mobile technology trends, every organization focuses on offering dedicated apps to fulfill the customers’ needs. A customer-friendly application contributes to hassle-free communication between the customer and the organization providing correct problem-solving.

Mostly, all smartphones use Android or iOS. But all mobile apps must target Android or iOS users. The mobile app development training at Lakshya will help you in the application development process on Android platform.

Additionally, you can improve your mobile app development skills to the fullest at Lakshya. Our course is so appropriate that it would fulfil your knowledge requirements and you will have more knowledge about responsive designs and mobile security. Our course is a right combination of theoretical and practical sessions. We focus on transforming participants into expert app developers. During this mobile app development training at Lakshya, you will get acquainted with the concepts of software development lifecycle and app ecosystem. You will also learn the fundamentals and advanced concepts of the domain. Thus, by taking up this course, refine your skills, and develop apps under the guidance of experts.


Career opportunity for Mobile app Development

The benefits of being a mobile app developer are so many and it is due to the growing app industry of today. Similarly, the demand for skilful mobile app professionals also rising. In this scenario, if you want to take up this career opportunity, get trained now at Lakshya.

Currently, the applications of mobile apps are required for any company; Most businesses want to have their mobile applications with their website. The continuously rising demand for mobile applications requires a mobile development skillset. So, any developer can get projects on mobile development and work as a freelancer.



  1. Introduction to Android
  2. Android UI (User Interface)
  3. Intent Firebase
  4. Data Storage Adapter
  5. Service Fragment
  6. Broadcast Receiver
  7. Content Provider
  8. Location Service
  9. Google Map
  10. Consuming Web Service
  11. Project


Mobile App Development Course Fee and Duration

Mobile App Development Course Fees at Lakshya are affordable and can be paid in installments. If you have any queries regarding the time, place, and duration of the course, please contact our technical counsellors.

Duration- 60 Hrs

Course Fee –  ₹7000/-

Training Mode –Live Classroom/ Online

This is an approximate course fee and duration for Mobile App Development Training. For more information contact our team.

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