The programming language – PYTHON

Python is a widely-used programming language that is a successor to ABC programming language. It was created by Guide Von Rossum in late 1980’s at Centrum Wiskunde and Information(CWI) at Netherlands. 

December 1989, marked the beginning of the implementation of the programming language. Python has an edge over other programming languages because it has frequent use of keywords and lesser syntactical constructions which makes it easier to read and understand. This also makes it a beginners language so that freshers can develop their apps with simpler programming language. It is also user friendly because it is interactive when you can interact with the help of python prompt and write the programs easily. Python also gives users to add or customise their tools to customize their tools to produce more efficient output. It can run on various hardware devices with the same interface to avoid confusion and is more portable. Alongside, it provides a structured base and support for large programs. 



When people visit websites, they might have doubts that aren’t displayed on the website, so to give clarity and also add a personalised touch to your website that will attract more visitors, the features of Chatbot has been introduced. This is an AI software developed that is capable of simulating a conversation with the visitors on a website. They are also called conversational agents as they mimic human speech. So as to be open to have a chat with people and solve their doubts. And being developed from AI, they tend to understand and become more intelligent with time and conversations. There are several benefits of having a Chatbot like 24*7 service, attracting a better customer base. 



The main prerequisite needed to build a chatbot is a good and efficient knowledge in Python, the programming language that helps to formulate the entire language to make the software 

  1. The first step starts with baby steps focusing on the installation of the chatterbot library that would help in using the python to create the Chatbot. 
  2. There are two classes that needs to be imported in this step that is Chatbot from chatterbot and listrainers from chatterbot.trainer 
  3. Creating and training the chatbot is the next step, after creating a chatbot from the chatbot instance, the responsibility of training the chatbot would help it deliver an improved performance. Giving the Chatbot this knowledge would make sure that it gives out the right curated responses for the inputs. Providing the Chatbot with a list of responses would simplify the entire process of updated training of the Chatbot and finding the best solution to each query. 
  4. This step marks the start of the communication with the Chatbot, however it is important to understand that at the beginning the Chatbot might not have all answers and wouldn’t be very efficient but with time it would learn new things that would help it to evolve and understand. 
  5. The last step gives a final brush up to the entire process by adding an extra feature that is using an existing corpus of data. This functionality is very efficient. 

 This process of creating a Chatbot is a very basic process that gives out the study of the Chatbot. However, getting fluent with Python would allow you to be more creative and experiment with it.  



The Chatbot is a very efficient and effective tool which has many uses like 

  1. At first, the investment in developing a chatbot is quite a sum, but it is only a one time investment which gives out good returns. So, this helps to save multiple costs like manpower, infrastructure etc. 
  2. It highly supports business because of its well developed AI software that helps it to understand the data better and give a personalised experience to the visitor instead of just some pre-programmed answers. 
  3. They have a better ability to record and analyse the details which helps the business or organisation to have a better understanding of the customer data and this will result in the overall growth of the business. They also possess the skill of being flexible which helps them reach out to a bigger audience and increase engagement
  4. The Chatbot is equipped with all the resources that work towards the fulfilment of organisational goals that will ensure that the conversation is headed in favour of the needs of the organisation.
  5. The most effective time management can be shown here because a lot of time is saved when Bots handle the regular issues. Only complicated queries are transferred to the executives to handle so that they aren’t burdened with a lot of queries and at the same time no visitor has to leave the website without solving their doubts. 

There are a lot more ways how Chatbot can be used. 



The Chatbot makes the website very lively and responsive because it adds a human touch to it. This tends to attract more people to the website as they would like to visit a website which can answer their queries without delay. 

It sets the first impression of the organisation and so the personality and tone are properly defined. The flow of conversation is decided way before and it helps to keep a track on the conversation and figure out things. Pictures that appeal visually are also added. 

All of these things are put and structured together to create the output that helps in talking to the customers with a touch of personalization which makes the visitor feel like a regular visitor. 

The Bots on websites strike a balance between proactive and reactive. 



It can be summed up to state that Chatbot is a very innovative and revolutionary idea that helps people solve their smallest doubts without having to work too hard to find the answers. The personal touch helps the user feel more important and keeping an eye on the conversation helps to steer it towards desired goal. 

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