With the advancement in technology, scientists are around the world never fail to cease us with the wonders they create. Some of such wonders are listed below



Remember when we were kids and always dreamt of having robots around us serving our needs? Well, finally those dreams are coming true. Reachy is a half humanoid robot, which can interact. It is developed by pollen robotics. The robot is built on the computer language of python, it is also known as the beginner’s language because it makes use of simpler language keywords and is easy to read. 

The speciality of Reachy is that it is also built on Artificial Intelligence, the perk of this factor is that Reachy will be able to have a few human attributes like understanding the atmosphere and adapting accordingly. Its machine will constantly learn from the surroundings and make moves accordingly. While it can do anything that you command it to, interaction with humans and manipulations of objects is the most commendable thing he manages to do.


Samsung bot handy 

Just imagine that you are already having a long, deary day at work and can’t wait to get home. That’s when your realisation strikes you that you are going to have to do all the household chores and also cook dinner for yourself and you are already tired. But how about another situation, when you reach home tired and you smell the aroma of freshly cooked steaming food on the table, a glass of wine is poured for you and you can relax. And all of this is done by the SAMSUNG BOT HANDY. This robot will make use of a camera and artificial intelligence to be a helping hand to you around the house so that you can concentrate on more important things and also give yourself some time off. As it is built on artificial intelligence, it will quickly adapt to your surroundings and will start working accordingly. It will be aware of your daily routine and would help you stick to that. Like, how amazing it is to get your morning coffee just when you wake up. 


General motors EV

Do you get late to work even when you set out on time because of the traffic? Well, we can’t reduce the traffic but what if there was something that could help us wriggle our way out of traffic jams and choose a less busy road. The General Motors have an answer to our problems. It is an automobile manufacturing company that has always been very creative and innovative with its products. And this time they have amazed their audience target by introducing the new futuristic EV which has the mechanism of taking off vertically and landing named as (eVTOL). This is the future pf the automobile industry where they would act as aircrafts too. It clearly depicts plans and ambitions of the General Motors to set the trend of all-electric and zero emission clean future. 


General motors halo self-driving car

Everyone sure love road trips, but as much as they are fun, they could also be uncomfortable sitting in the car for the whole time. But what if the car looked like your home and also drove itself. The usage of IoT makes this possible. The General Motors has perfectly utilised the magic of technology to create such wonders that would provide extreme alleviation to humankind to make their hard and busy lives a bit better. 

It plans to introduce the Halo self- driving car quite easily blends the comfort and needs to a stylish autonomous vehicle. It would look like a living room with comfortable couches and the user would possess full control over the amenities. 


Project hazel concept 

They say every problem comes with an hidden opportunity, while the world is suffering from a global pandemic. Razer has created a niche out of the crisis and come up with these mind-blowing futuristic masks. Everybody has to wear masks whether they like it or not, so to add up to the cool factor of everyone, razer plans to introduce face masks just like super heroes. Not just looks but it keeps in mind the safety of people too. This would be a mask that will have ventilation and auto sterilization. Adding on to the technology, this would have a totally separate case for wireless charging and UV sterilisation too. 

Modern problems require modern solutions after all!


Shower power 

Having an important day? Take a shower! 

Had a long tiring day? Take a shower! 

Too much stress? Take a shower!

Taking a shower is perhaps the best part of the day, because you got absolute privacy, some time to clear your head and have a concert for yourself because you are too embarrassed to show it front of others. 

What if this already beautiful experience of having a shower is enhanced? Keeping up the bathroom singers, shower power introduces a hydropower Bluetooth speaker. This is the next level speaker that gives you company in the shower where you can set the music according to your mood and it runs on the power of the water using hydroelectric generation. It is completely made from ocean plastic thus extending a hand towards saving the environment. 

This gives you the best time of the world, listening to your favourite songs while in shower, just the ultimate peace you need to clear your mind and think straight or just relax. 



The world is all set to introduce newer technologies almost every day to make our lives easier. All we need to do is wait, watch and adapt. What is important is that we have better knowledge about all of this, so that we can keep simulating our brains and coming up with better and practical ideas that could change our future.

Soon, we can together see a future where everything will be developed and evolution will take place to build a better and smarter world together.

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